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NEPAL EARTHQUAKE RELIEF FUND Your donation will directly support the lives of Nepalis affected by the recent earthquake that has devastated Nepal. Learn more...

Offer $488/mo for school Meals:$16/day $488/mo $5,858/yr
automatic donation

$2,300 builds a composting toilet

Offer $125 every month for a Teacher's salary: $4.10/day $125/mo $1,500/yr
Payment options
The teachers are paid 10mo/yr

Offer $250 every month for a midwife's MD Tuition:$8.25/day $250/mo $3,000/yr
automatic donation

Offer $66/mo for a cooks salary: $2.20/day $66/mo $793/yr
automatic donation

Offer $15 every month for an elder's food and medicine stipend: .50/ day $15/mo. $180/yr
automatic donation

$2,000 builds a greenhouse!

$10,000 builds a well for a gyalsum school!

Donate to Sangye Menlha!