Ahimsa is a sanskrit word meaning non-violence. The ahimsa house is a center for the practice and cultivation of non-violence located in West Philadelphia. The practice of non-violence depends upon the philosophy of interdependence, mindfulness and compassion towards all living beings.


The Ahimsa Center is a safe space for people to come from all walks of life to feel held, embraced, nourished, accepted, heard, and loved. The center will be a venue that promotes and offers practices of peace, sustainability and healing to all people. IN all of our endeavors, living from the heart is our ultimate message. For we believe that if folks can return to heart based decision-making and actions the world will be an overall more harmonious place. The Ahimsa center is a space that welcomes everyone from the poorest to the wealthiest, from the blue class worker to the scholar, from infants to the elders, and people of all religions, creeds, and ethninticities. It is a place that draws all people together and focuses on the essence of our being, that which is the same in us all: the one breath, the one awareness, the one human family.

The center is a place that teaches people how to live in more peace and harmony with themselves, their community, and with the earth and its people at large. This is executed in various ways including classes of all sorts. We have found that one-way deep happiness and peace is born is through a connection with the earth and the forces of nature. Therefore we teach everything from organic gardening to sustainable living practices. We educate people as to how they can incorporate sustainable living practices into their lives and why and how it will affect everything from their health, happiness, and finances to the longevity of the world’s precious resources. The center is a venue that reconnects people to the natural world and teaches us how we ultimately are the elements, and so by taking care of the elements we are taking care of ourselves.

The space provides free meditation, yoga, healing, gardening and non-violent communication workshops for adults and children. The aim of the center is to bring the practice of nonviolence into the United States. Tibetans have listened to nature’s lessons for centuries, we hope to bring the joy of simplicity into the communities here in America. 

All events at the Ahimsa house are free. The Ahimsa House runs purely on a dana. Dana is the sanskrit word meaning generosity. There are many ways to practice generosity, and the ahimsa house is trying to cultivate the practice by giving the community tools and resources to find happiness and well-being. We will never ask for money for our services, yet if you feel inclined to donate you may. We welcome donations of all forms, if you prefer to use money please donate here! We will put it to good use(like paying travel fees for visiting teachers, buying a yurt, paying electric bills etc!)! or contact us if you want to volunteer!


Please visit our website www.ahimsahousephilly.org for more information.