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MAY 2020

Sober Service Learning Trip

JULY 2020


Customizable tours are available throughout the year. Please see the Tour Guide below for potential tours.



Main destinations:

  • CHENGDU, Sichuan - The capital of Sichuan Province is famous for its relaxed atmosphere. Tea houses, Chinese opera, and shadow puppet shows are the main pass-times here. It is a major tourist crossroads where we can see markets while enjoying the famous spicy Sichuan flavors.

  • JEKUNDO (Yushu), Qinghai - Yushu is the wild west of Kham where traditional nomadic lifestyle lives on. Yushu is an ecological hotspot with many monasteries.Here you can expect to see most ofYushu’s nomads gathered, thousands of dancers, hundreds of horse races, beautiful garments, jewelry, and a beauty competition! The festival takes place in Yushu, in a huge stadium, recently built after the 2010 quake that leveled the city.

  • Gargon Clinic, a week will be spent at 4,200m at GarGon clinic offering dental care to the surrounding communities.


We are seeking funding for this mission trip to offer dental care to nomads, monks and nuns who have never seen a dentist. 


NOTE TO PARTICIPANTS:These trips includes extensive time on the road. In order to reach our destination, the group travels over roads that are long, bumpy, and dusty. We may need to cross rivers in jeeps, wait for landslides to clear, push our vehicles out of sticky spots or make detours. The altitude is high, the food choices are limited, and the group camps for several days. There is also rare internet, limited cell phone coverage, limited solar electricity, few showers, and mostly only outhouses. Students have daily language classes and required to read a book and report about Tibet during orientation.  The travel is challenging and rewarding! Stamina, patience, and good teamwork are required.


Do go with an open, nonjudgemental mind, dropping your expectations

Do try to learn the terms demo- how are you? Ka drin Che- thank you Tasha Delek- hello

Do be respectful by covering your body

Do be respectful by taking shoes off inside and not pointing feet at respected person/thing

Do use an inside voice/ not an American one

Do try the food offered unless you have an allergy/ dietary restriction

Do be respectful by not smoking, wearing hats or touching things around the temple

Do ask lots of questions

Do only bring appropriate technology

Do not bring in plastic or litter

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